Welcome to Natural Magick Shop! Magick potions, ritually crafted for the modern practitioner.

My name is Cedar Stevens and I have been a practicing witch and potioneer for over twenty years. For over thirty five years I have been an avid botanist, herbalist, and gardener. I combine this expertise with my naturally excellent sense of smell to bring you high quality potions produced under the most exacting protocols.

Under the Natural Magick process, I don't fudge or skimp. Here are the guarantees that go into my ritually crafted goods:

Timing of production according to both the best Moon phase and Planetary ruler Elemental associations rule even which direction I face while making a potion Deosil or Widdershins? Banishing and exorcism related potions are stirred or ground counterclockwise, everything else is made deosil. I use magickal shielding to keep my energies out of YOUR product.

And that's not all. Here is the complete manifesto on the Natural Magick process.

I hope you enjoy my products as much I enjoy creating them. Let me know if you are looking for a formulation that does not appear here. Almost half of these products were created at customer request or inspiration.

An It Harm None, may these potions well work thy Will.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not make any claims to the efficacy or guarantee any specific outcome by using Natural Magick Shop products.