FruiTonic Tea

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FruitTonic Tea is different from most commercial fruit-flavored teas which are flavored with "natural flavorings." Who knows what that is? FruiTonic Tea blend gets a whalloping fruit taste from dried fruits like Elderberry, Hawthorn Berries, Bilberry Leaf, Lemon and Orange Peel, and as it turns out, these are all high in Vitamin C, Bioflavinoids and antioxidants. A nutritional, tonic blend. 

There is no way around it, these real dried fruit ingredients make a more expensive blend. The best way to get the taste, nutrition and value out of this blend is to use either the cold/hot decoction method or the hot/cold infusion method. Especially with the main ingredients, Elderberry, Hawthorn Berry and Rose Hips, what needs to happen is for the dried fruity sweetness to dissolve into your tea. These flavors get stronger, and the nutritional benefits are released with these slow-brew methods. 
Instructions for preparing this brew are on the package label.